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Since 1980

Since 1980


Distinctive Homes
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Shawn Eiferman, Canyons Estates Homeowners
Living in Las Vegas is a family tradition for Shawn Eiferman. His father George came here more than 50 years ago. Holding the titles of b ..." (Read More)
Nancy and Bob Herald, Canyons Estates Homeowners
Just listen to them for a few seconds and it is crystal clear that Nancy and Bob Herald are excited about moving to their new home at Canyon ..." (Read More)
Steve & Erin, and son Cooper, Taos Estates III Homeowners
"At Taos there is a sense of rural community with the feeling of openness, mixed with modern development and urban amenities.” ..." (Read More)
Arthur and Sharon, Taos Estates III homeowners
"Our beautiful home at Taos Estates III is everything we could have hoped for and more.  We love the loggia in our 2489 plan which looks out o ..." (Read More)
Annette, Taos Estates III homeowner
"The serenity of Taos Estates allows you to remove yourself from the fast paced environment of the city and provides the perf ..." (Read More)
Charles, Taos Estates III homeowner
"The Taos Estates III made an immediate impression on us, just the exterior alone with the Paver Stone driveway and walk. There was ..." (Read More)
The Crawford Family, Taos Estates III homeowners
"There were so many custom options that we kind of went crazy and had a great time. Distinctive Homes was very attentive. They provided a ..." (Read More)